Could dust mite and other carpet infestations be provoking your allergies?

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Expert Allergenic Pest Control
Asthma and Respiratory Sufferers and Dust Mites
Dust Mites are a recognised cause of the allergens that bring on asthma and breathing difficulties. Our pre-treatment of the carpet or upholstery will kill dust mites upon contact, followed by cleaning using solutions at the correct temperatures which will destroy and remove the allergens, leaving the item friendly to any such sufferer.
However, this effect is only temporary and dust mites will return and multiply. To combat this there is a second treatment which both kills dust mites on contact and offers stain and soil resistance to the item and is therefore highly recommended for new and freshly cleaned items that are in pristine condition. For aged items, the pre-treatment and cleaning process is recommended at least once a year

Clothes Moth (Carpet Moth) and Carpet Beetle.


Both these pests feed on the material that the item is made of and even appear to devour synthetic fibres. The first notice of damage is the odd missing tuft or small hole, which after a period of time develops into “bald patches" appearing in the carpet. The larvae of the moth can take up to a year to become adults, feeding on the natural fibres of the carpet usually in dark covered areas and out of site. Early professional treatment is a must.

Fleas and Bed bugs

These pests feed on human blood and can cause irritation. Bed bugs are not confined to the bed; in fact, they only come to the bed to feed and are normally found all around the room and also in any clothes, where they lay dormant or lay their eggs. They are becoming more common and harder to treat. Fleas will lie dormant for 6 months to a year in empty properties and are not fussy whether they feed on humans, cats or dogs.