Biting (Feeding) Insects that Cause Irritation
Bed Bug
Flea (cat)
Both the above are a dark reddy brown after feeding, and their bites cause irritation from the fluid they inject to prevent our blood fom clotting. Bed bugs tend only to feed from humans and they will occupy any part of the room, comming to the bed to feed. Tell tale signs are bite marks on the torso and blood spots on the sheets as well as small pin prick size brown spots in corners of wooden bed frames. They DO NOT migrate themselves but are transported usually in travelling cases and rucksacks etc. Hard to eradicate as eggs and doormant bugs can emerge after pestcide has been removed (by hoovering and general cleaning). The flea -human, cat, and dog will feed from either host, tell tale signs on humans are irrative spots on wrists and ankles. Can lay doormant for 6 months or more if property empty and arouse from the vibration of movement and the sense of body warmth.

Non Biting
Cloth Moth
Carpet Beetle
Although the two pests do not bite they can cause extensive damage to carpets and clothing. Their larvae (small white catepillars) feed on the fibres usually unseen and the damage irrepairable. Carpet moth larvae tend to feed under objects such as chairs and book cases or cabinets and the damage is only seen when the object is moved. The larvae of the beetle is haiy and is often referred to as a woolly bear their sole purpose is to eat as much fabric as possible before they turn into their adult form.
Meal Moth
Biscuit Beetle
Both these pests are usually found in the kitchen and food storage areas, the biscuit beetle is much smaller than the photo and would probably need a lens to see the spotted markings down the back. Usually feed on grain feed and are usually bought in when buying from markets or wholesalers.
Two types that are likely to be found in this country are German (shown) and Oriental. Can spread salmonella and should be eradicated from any food preparation or storage area immediately.